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Community School District

Staff Directory

for Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Community Schools

Jami Ades
Ades, Jami
High School Special Education Teacher
Emberly Albertson
Albertson, Emberly
High School Science Teacher/Girls HS XC Coach/Assistant HS Girls Track Coach
Joe Albertson
Albertson, Joe
5/6 Grade Teacher/JH Football Coach/JH Athletic Director
Corie Albrecht
Albrecht, Corie
Elementary School Paraprofessional
June Bahnsen
Bahnsen, June
High School Spanish Teacher
Cade Baker
Baker, Cade
Asst. High School Wrestling Coach
Josh Banse
Banse, Josh
Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
Bob Baumgard
Baumgard, Bob
High School Agriculture Science Teacher
Heather Baumgard
Baumgard, Heather
Library Manager
Nate Benzing
Benzing, Nate
5-8 Instrumental Music Teacher
Megan Berns
Berns, Megan
Kindergarten Teacher
Jan Bier
Bier, Jan
High School Office Staff
Angie Bierle
Bierle, Angie
High School Counselor
Cory Boeckman
Boeckman, Cory
Asst. Baseball Coach
Shaunte Brown
Brown, Shaunte
Before/After School Director
Dakota Burress
Burress, Dakota
Asst. Boys Soccer Coach
Mary Beth Bush
Bush, Mary Beth
7-8 Physical Education Teacher
Kristi Carew
Carew, Kristi
K-12 Teacher Librarian/HS Basketball Cheer Coach
Stub Cash
Cash, Stub
Head of Buildings and Grounds - Ventura
Nick Chambers
Chambers, Nick
Food Services
Dyan Childress
Childress, Dyan
High School Physical Education Teacher/Varsity Girls Track Coach
Michelle Chizek
Chizek, Michelle
P8 Building Adult Cleaner
Kristie Christians
Christians, Kristie
Food Services
Kristi Clark
Clark, Kristi
4 Yr. Preschool Teacher
Julie Cox
Cox, Julie
Food Services
Geri Delaney
Delaney, Geri
Library Manager
Megan Dodd
Dodd, Megan
Reading Interventionist Teacher
Racine Dodd
Dodd, Racine
1st Grade Teacher
Travis Dodd
Dodd, Travis
Junior High Wrestling Coach
Hillary Dodge
Dodge, Hillary
7th Grade English/Reading Teacher
Danielle Dykstra
Dykstra, Danielle
1st Grade Teacher
Stephanie Eastman
Eastman, Stephanie
High School Paraprofessional
Kelsey Edwards
Edwards, Kelsey
7-12 Instructional Coach
Stacie Englin
Englin, Stacie
5/6 Teacher/JH Cross Country Coach
Tony Englin
Englin, Tony
High School Industrial Technology Teacher/Drivers Ed Instructor
Leanne Ermer
Ermer, Leanne
Elementary School Counselor
Amy Ewert
Ewert, Amy
5th Grade Teacher
Tom Fey
Fey, Tom
Bus Driver
Brennan Fischer
Fischer, Brennan
7-8 Math Teacher/8th Gr FB Coach
Holly Fischer
Fischer, Holly
District Business Manager/Board Secretary
Sara Fischer
Fischer, Sara
6th Grade Teacher
Mary Fisk
Fisk, Mary
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Becca Formanek
Formanek, Becca
Elementary School Paraprofessional
Randy Formanek
Formanek, Randy
High School Custodian
Matt Frank
Frank, Matt
Varsity Girls Basketball Coach/Assistant Girls Soccer Coach
Michaela Friest
Friest, Michaela
Assistant Softball Coach
Elisa Garcia
Garcia, Elisa
Elementary School Paraprofessional
Jason Gayken
Gayken, Jason
Assistant H.S. Football Coach
Graham, Jared
Varsity Girls Soccer Coach
Matt Graham
Graham, Matt
High School Athletic Director/Business Education Teacher
Todd Greiman
Greiman, Todd
Varsity Girls Golf Coach
Lori Griesert
Griesert, Lori
High School Paraprofessional
Jeff Griffin
Griffin, Jeff
High School Instrumental Music Teacher
Brenda Haag
Haag, Brenda
District Technology Director
Jim Haag
Haag, Jim
High School Principal
Connie Hackenmiller
Hackenmiller, Connie
Middle School Office Staff
Jenny Haes
Haes, Jenny
Elementary School Paraprofessional
Kelly Hagensick
Hagensick, Kelly
Elementary School Paraprofessional
Sherri Halfpop
Halfpop, Sherri
High School Special Education Teacher
Mary Hall
Hall, Mary
Elementary Special Education Teacher
Brandi Halsne
Halsne, Brandi
High School Social Studies Teacher
Katie Hansen
Hansen, Katie
Food Services
Jeff Hanson
Hanson, Jeff
High School Custodian
Kevin Hanson
Hanson, Kevin
Transportation Director
Kris Hanson
Hanson, Kris
Head of Buildings and Grounds - Garner
Mary Hanson
Hanson, Mary
Middle School Paraprofessional
Neal Haugland
Haugland, Neal
Elementary School Custodian
Beth Hawe
Hawe, Beth
High School Office Staff
Jaci Hayes
Hayes, Jaci
TK-6 Instructional Coach
Doug Heimer
Heimer, Doug
Bus Driver
Stacie Heitland
Heitland, Stacie
5/6 Grade Teacher
Tony Heitland
Heitland, Tony
4th Grade Teacher
Dena Hejlik
Hejlik, Dena
Middle School Paraprofessional
Rachel Hejna
Hejna, Rachel
Middle School Special Education Teacher
Brandee Henderson
Henderson, Brandee
Food Services
Carter Henken
Henken, Carter
7-8 SS Teacher/DC Sponsor/Assist HS Football Coach/Assist Boys Track Coach/Weight Training Superviso
Ryan Hinders
Hinders, Ryan
Varsity Boys Track Coach/Varsity Boys Cross Country Coach
Bonnie Hiscocks
Hiscocks, Bonnie
School Nurse
Sydney Holmes
Holmes, Sydney
High School Social Studies Teacher/JH VB Coach/Head Softball Coach
Heather Hook
Hook, Heather
Middle School Paraprofessional
Cory Jenniges
Jenniges, Cory
Varsity Wrestling Coach/JH Football Coach
Samantha Jergenson
Jergenson, Samantha
High School Wrestling Cheer Coach
Lisa Johnson
Johnson, Lisa
3rd Grade Teacher
Becky Jolivette
Jolivette, Becky
4th Grade Teacher
Dennis Jones
Jones, Dennis
Bus Driver
Kris Juenger
Juenger, Kris
Food Services
Kelli Just
Just, Kelli
5/6 GradeTeacher
Brandon Kammrad
Kammrad, Brandon
High School Varsity Football Coach
Nicole Katter
Katter, Nicole
Kindergarten Teacher
Katrina Klooster
Klooster, Katrina
4th Grade Teacher
Amber Kluver
Kluver, Amber
Assistant HS Volleyball Coach
Kozisek, Ryley
Varsity Baseball Coach
Krabbe, Noah
JJV Baseball Coach
Amy Kuhlers
Kuhlers, Amy
7-8 Science Teacher
Jennifer Kumsher
Kumsher, Jennifer
K-12 TAG Teacher
Paula Laird
Laird, Paula
District Bookkeeper
George Lallak
Lallak, George
Elementary School Custodian
Nicole Lampe
Lampe, Nicole
Assistant HS Volleyball Coach
Meriel Leavy
Leavy, Meriel
Varsity Volleyball Coach
Lewis, Sarah
7-8 Girls Track Coach
Becky Lillebo
Lillebo, Becky
Middle School Paraprofessional, 7-8 Cheer Coach
Beth Lortz
Lortz, Beth
Elementary School Paraprofessional
Joyce Lunning
Lunning, Joyce
Food Services
Deb Lutkenhaus
Lutkenhaus, Deb
Food Services
Mary, Samantha
After School Program Coordinator
Elizabeth May
May, Elizabeth
High School English Language Arts Teacher/HS Speech Coach
Michael Meyering
Meyering, Michael
Elementary School Principal
Jil Mitchell
Mitchell, Jil
Alternative Program Teacher, 9-12 Student Advocate
Stacy Mitchell
Mitchell, Stacy
Food Services
Dakota Monson
Monson, Dakota
High School Paraprofessional
Austin Moore
Moore, Austin
3rd Grade Teacher
Kelley Nedved
Nedved, Kelley
Kindergarten Teacher
Randy Nedved
Nedved, Randy
Bus Driver
Kerry Neuberger
Neuberger, Kerry
High School English Language Arts Teacher
Stan Newton
Newton, Stan
5-8 School Counselor
Patricia Norman
Norman, Patricia
7-12 Vocal Music Teacher
Joe Obermann
Obermann, Joe
7-12 Art Teacher
Rebecca Obermann
Obermann, Rebecca
Elementary Special Education Teacher
Sara Olson
Olson, Sara
2nd Grade Teacher
Josh Omans
Omans, Josh
High School Industrial Technology Teacher/7th Gr. Football Coach
Spencer Paulson
Paulson, Spencer
K-6 Vocal Music Teacher
Mary Peterson
Peterson, Mary
Elementary Paraprofessional
Nan Peterson
Peterson, Nan
District Office Staff
Nikki Renner
Renner, Nikki
Elementary Office Staff
Blake Risius
Risius, Blake
K-8 PE Teacher/7th Gr. VB Coach/7-8 Boys Track Coach,/7 Gr. Girls BB Coach/7 Gr. Boys BB Coach
Jim Schaumberg
Schaumberg, Jim
5-8 School Custodian
Billie Jo Schmit
Schmit, Billie Jo
Bus Driver
Paul Schoneman
Schoneman, Paul
HS Boys Golf Coach/8 Gr. Boys and Girls Basketball Coach
Elaine Schreiber
Schreiber, Elaine
Food Services
Mindy Scott
Scott, Mindy
District Technology Assistant
Megan Sears
Sears, Megan
3rd Grade Teacher
Jeff Short
Short, Jeff
Bus Driver
Sifuentes, Slade
Assistant Baseball Coach
Tracy Smeby
Smeby, Tracy
2nd Grade Teacher
Annette Smidt
Smidt, Annette
K-6 Art Teacher/K-12 ELL
Debra Steenhard
Steenhard, Debra
Middle School Principal
Kara Steffensmeier
Steffensmeier, Kara
Elementary School Paraprofessional
Sarah Svare
Svare, Sarah
8th Grade English/Reading Teacher
Tusha, Nic
Head Boys Track Coach/Weight Training Supervisor
Amanda Uhlenhopp
Uhlenhopp, Amanda
Middle School Special Education Teacher
Scott VanDusseldorp
VanDusseldorp, Scott
High School Science Teacher
Nicole Vansickel
Vansickel, Nicole
High School Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Diana Vaughan
Vaughan, Diana
Food Services
Dustin Ward
Ward, Dustin
High School Math Teacher
Renee Washburn
Washburn, Renee
Nurse Assistant
Wendy Watson
Watson, Wendy
5-8 School Custodian/Food Services
Renee Weisenstein
Weisenstein, Renee
High School Math Teacher/HS Assistant Volleyball Coach
Tyler Williams
Williams, Tyler
School Superintendent
Judy Winter
Winter, Judy
Food Services
Rayshel Witte
Witte, Rayshel
2nd Grade Teacher
Ashley Young
Young, Ashley
1st Grade Teacher
Kathy Zobrist
Zobrist, Kathy
Food Service Director
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